Robert Thorstad

Robert Thorstad

PhD Student
Department of Psychology
Emory University
Email: rthorst (at) emory (dot) edu

Data Mining the Mind

People record large amounts of our behavior online, as when we post on social media, shop for products, or search for information. In parallel, intelligent machines are being developed that do cognitive tasks traditionally performed by humans, such as reading text, processing images, or driving cars.

My research asks about the psychological implications of these developments. In work on digital phenotyping, I ask what psychological traits can be predicted from a person’s large-scale online behavior (Thorstad & Wolff, 2018; Thorstad & Wolff, in press). In work on machine behavior (Rahwan et al, 2019), I study what these intelligent machines know, how they behave, and what the representations learned by these machines can teach us about human psychology (Cheng, Thorstad, & Dilks, in prep).

In my spare time, I play contract bridge. I write bridge articles. I also won the 2016 C North American Pairs.

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