Robert Thorstad

Robert Thorstad

PhD Student
Department of Psychology
Emory University
Email: rthorst (at) emory (dot) edu

Research Overview

People spend a lot of time on the internet: we interact with other people, write on blogs, buy products, and search for websites. These seemingly everyday interactions create a large-scale, naturalistic record of human psychology. I test psychological hypotheses in this natural laboratory using computational techniques from machine learning and natural language processing. I have applied these methods to study decision-making (Thorstad & Wolff, 2018a), mental illness (Thorstad & Wolff, 2018b), and how people think about the future (Thorstad & Wolff, in prep.).

In my spare time I play contract bridge. I write for the District 7 ACBL Bulletin. I also won the 2016 C North American Pairs.


Publications and Refereed Conference Proceedings

Manuscripts in Preparation